Bastien Aubry


10.10. - 13.11.2020



10.10.20        Vernissage                       6 pm

                     Food & Drinks

13.11.20          Finissage                          6 pm


                     Food & Drinks

Bastien Aubry (1974) is a young Swiss artist who deals with the phenomena of contemporary art and celebrates the poetry of failure and the beauty of the imperfect with his creations.


The artist will be presented for the first time in the KALI Gallery with his solo exhibition NO TIME, where he will show us his latest works. Bastien Aubry deals with objects of daily consumption, where banality and high art meet.


Aubry finds his inspiration in what remains of consumer society. For example, beverage packaging is poured off and supplemented with new content. This gives the packaging greater added value than its former content.


The exhibition NO TIME reflects our consumer society, the production of unnecessary and banal goods at the expense of advertising. What is banal and seemingly useless can be highlighted as an important inspiration for Aubry's art. NO TIME should not only represent the artistic starting point, which is often based on spontaneous ideas and is quick to develop at first glance, but is later very time-consuming. The exhibition title is also an allusion to the fact that time is becoming increasingly scarce in today's society.


In the KALI Galerie, Bastien Aubry presents himself less as a graphic designer, but above all as a free contemporary artist who plays with the current phenomenon of the boundaries between product graphics, design, painting, sculptures and installations in pop-abstract reality.


Bastien Aubry lives and works in Zurich (CH).

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