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Opening: 20.03.2021 | 5 pm

Due to the current restrictions imposed by the BAG, no events can take place. The exhibition can be visited during the opening hours or by appointment under the relevant safety regulations.


Judith Grassl (1985) is a young artist working in contemporary art in the medium of acrylic painting, photo collage and installation. Grassl comes from Munich, where she also graduated from the local art academy and works in the contemporary art scene. In her painting, the artist revolves around a linear plane of eternity and staged themes in painting. She is interested in the representation of temporality, the appearance and composition of objects and their functions in the image.

In the exhibition "GIFTS" she presents her latest works, which deal with the study of form of everyday objects, with an unusual background of posthuman gifts and their symbolism in the various cults.
The name "GIFTS" is a placeholder for the representation of the timeline and the relativity of the lifetime and function of objects. She says in your statement, "I perceive photographic material as a memory in the present, but by translating it into painting, a work of art can be perceived for the future."

The motif of women's hair, fruits, draperies, palm trees and others often appears in Grassl's paintings. It shows the emphasis on the feminine power and beauty of the character of the hair, the lemon as a symbolism of the sun in Mexican posthuman culture, or the striking drapery torn from a Renaissance painting as a gift, placed in a collage and associated with the viewer.

Like the memories in our heads, Judith Grassl intuitively assembles these fragments into her own compositions, giving them their own meaning as a personal dying gift.
An important inspiration for her work was an exchange project in Lisbon, where the artist studied the midday light falling on the painted object and its pastel colors by the sea. The unique colorfulness of the painting is created by the technique of acrylic painting with the addition of sulfur pigments, which achieves the color saturation and its contrasts.

The exhibition is the first presentation of this young German artist in Switzerland and thus opens our annual program for 2021.