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Velibor Barisic * 1983 Banja Luka, SLO
Amos Bollag * 1986 Zürich, CH

The artist duo Veli & Amos focuses their artistic work on bringing the boundaries of street art, in a surrealistic way, in harmony with the trap, reggae and hip-hop scene, thus moving on a new contemporary art movement.

Veli & Amos not only focus on creating classic expressive images, but also on music videos, performances, video art and post-vandalism art. Her artistic work comes from street art and points to the gestural clichés of the rap, trap and reggae lifestyle and transforms them into contemporary, young and fresh works of art.

Their life consists of urban, mythical and action-packed surrealisms, which Veli and Amos live in such a way that, in the end, truth and staging are difficult to tell apart. Painting is always present, whether as graffiti, body art, performance, stage design or on canvas. The painting itself plays a personified role in his surrealist stories, whether the viewer is there considered or not, everything is alive, everything works, everything exists anyway. Their current artistic work focuses on breaking the lines between religious, gender-specific differences, surrealist visions and much more. For example, action painting with a fire extinguisher filled with paint, or like painting a grenade explosion in water - which were made in Pakistan. Burning tires in Serbia, rapping in suits and disguised as Orthodox Jews in NYC or the Berlin subway and more were captured and popular over the years as video clips where the artists combine rap music videos with storytelling and graffiti art.

The artist duo Amos (Amos Bollag * 1986 Zurich, CH) and Veli (Velibor Barisic * 1983 Banja Luka, SLO) based in Zurich, Switzerland, have known each other for more than 12 years.

Besides they shoot the famous street art documentary, STYLE WARS 2, the popular second part of STYLE WARS about the graffiti scene in NYC, Veli & Amos also successfully completed their master’s degree at the Zhdk Zurich in 2018.

They had exhibitions and performances, created video clips all over the world, e.g. NYC, Berlin, Milan, Prague, Jamaica, Helsinki, Paris and their last successful show in the Barbara Seiler Gallery (CH).

Veli & Amos live and work in Zurich (CH).

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