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*  1985 Morges (VD/CH)

Maya Rochat is an internationally known Swiss artist who combines photography, painting, video, performance and installation in her artistic work. Starting from the exhibition location, she creates spectacular room installations that have a direct, emotional effect on the viewer.

After Rochat completed her bachelor's degree in photography with the Prix de l'ECAL while studying at ECAL in Lausanne and HFBK in Hamburg, she finished her master's degree in 2012 at HEAD in Geneva. Numerous exhibitions followed in Geneva, Basel, Bern, Paris, Amsterdam, Singapore, London and Tokyo, among others at the Kunsthaus Langenthal, Palais de Tokyo and the Tate Modern London. ProHelvetia awards Rochat prizes in 2014, 2015 and 2017, as well as the Prix Mobilière in 2019.

Maya Rochat's artistic work is shaped by color, shape and space. Starting with photography, which she distorts, cuts, paints and reconstructs, the artist moves towards painting. Pictures of nature and people from your environment form the motif, and her choice of materials, such as plastic, should critically reflect social issues and stimulate the viewer to think.

Maya Rochat lives and works in Lausanne (CH).

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