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Born in Lucerne, Rolf Winnewisser, is one of the best known and most influential artists of his generation in Switzerland. In "STILLS OF THE FLOATING WORLD", the "image researcher" provides detailed insights into his work, in which he is known for his linking of visual material, conceptual exhibition installations and large-scale paintings.


His work has a strong conceptual and scientific background, which is represented through installation in art spaces, videos or in books. Throughout his life, the artist has focused on research - what is the image? How do I compose a perfect image or how do I convey information to the viewer? How impressive is the color in the picture, how impressive are the symbols in the picture, how impressive is the human factor in the picture? What exactly is a painting?


His intersections in painting expand into spatial installations, in which he often assembles parts of his studio in an art space as a scientific observatory. Winnewisser also works with mixed media, ceramic sculptures, creates models of architecture, plays with Composition, creates a kind of theatrical setting.


He is distinguished by his color. The paint is often diluted, rather stained with stained with water. He is not aggressive in color, he is like a dreamy Veil that overlaps subtle tones of watercolor over itself.


The Stencil is often used as a kind of film slide and after screen printing it is washed out. He likes to use simple pastels and monochromes.


In "STILLS OF THE FLOATING WORLD", Rolf Winnewisser's works is conceived as a scientific study in the gallery space. The studio is connected to his art archive, through which the viewer can freely browse and  experiment.


Through the scene we can look under the artist's hand and get the closest sense of art and science. A arranged situation of Winnewisser's everyday life. A stage situation typical of him is created in the exhibition space. The stage as a salient focus on various works and objects of his collection. The viewer has the opportunity to meet the artist during the art workshop and tour.