tempo d´oro

25.11. -

Judith Grassl (*1985 / D)

Sebastian Haas (*1992 / CH)

Markéta Jáchimová (*1988 / CZ)

Xénia Laffely (*1987 / CH)

Nils Nova (*1968 / CH)

Léopold Rabus (*1977 / CH)

Jason Rohr (*1999 / CH)

Jan Rybníček (*1988 / CZ)

Opening: 25.11.2021 | 6 pm

Finissage: 18.12.2021 | 6 pm

Please have a valid Covid certificate and your ID ready for entry!

Opening hours: Thur. / Fri. 5 - 7 p.m. & Sat. 3 - 5 p.m. or by appointment.
Closed: Dec 3 / 4 / 9.

In "tempo d'oro" 8 contemporary artists give a generational approach to current art, which serves as an overview of past exhibitions and with a view to the next season, the annual program concludes with the title "Information - Contemporary Painting and its Intersection".

At first glance, the exhibition deals with the celebration of the Golden Age, in which painting stands out as an art medium that has never been exhausted, but also as a representational presentation of individual formal languages, showing the stylistic or thematic orientation and development of artists.

All this in times in which mainly computer-generated worlds can assert themselves. Thus, the exhibition aims to avert the overarching dominance of screens, where time seems to fly by.

In "tempo d'oro" the viewer is to be given a sensual - haptic experience in order to make the various art media tangible and revitalize them.

The media spectrum includes figurative, abstract, conceptual painting, as well as textile art.