Velibor Barisic * 1983 Banja Luka, SLO

Amos Bollag * 1986 Zürich, CH


"This painting works,

even if you don´t look at it."

 Veli & Amos are a Zurich artist duo concentrating their artistic work on reconciling the boundaries of street art - surrealism in collaboration with a trap and hip-hop music. The duo Veli and Amos focus not only on the creation of a classical expression paintings, but also on music videos, performances, video art, and post vandalism art. Their artistic work is influenced by street art and points out the gestural clichés of the lifestyle of Rap, Trap and Reggae and they turn it into contemporary young and fresh art works.

Their lives consist of urban, mythical and action-rich surrealisms that Veli and Amos live so much that in the end, truth and productions play double lots. Painting is always there, whether as graffiti, body art, performance, stage design or on canvas. The painting itself plays a personified role in its surrealist stories, whether the viewer looks at it or not, everything lives, everything works, everything exists anyway. Their current artistic work focuses on breaking down the boundaries between religious, gender differences, surrealistic visions and many more. For example action painting with the fire-fighter filled with paints, or such as painting a grenade blast in water – made in Pakistan. Burning object from tires in Serbia, rapping in suit of orthodox Jews in NYC or Berlin metro and more we can know from very popular video clips, where the artists combining the Rap music videos with storytelling and graffiti art live and
many more.

The artistic duo Amos (Amos Bollag *1986 Zürich, CH) and Veli (Velibor Barisic*1983 Banja Luka, SLO) are based in Zurich Switzerland. They know each other for more than 12 years, not only that they filmed the famous street art story telling documentary STYLE
WARS 2 which is the one of the most popular second part of Style Wars 1 about the graffiti scene in NYC, but they also absolved together MFA at Zhdk Zurich and freshly graduated in 2018. They exhibited their art works and performances, created video clips around of the world, in NYC, Berlin, Milan, Prague, Jamaica, Helsinki, Paris...and last successful show they had at Gallery Barbara Seiler (CH).

Veli and Amos live and work in Zürich (CH).

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