Veli & Amos

This is not a commercial /

Life is one of the best

22.08. - 26.09.2020


21.08.20         Promotion Preview         8 pm

                      Performace on Lake Lucerne


22.08.20        Vernissage                       6 pm

                      Performance                   8 pm


                         Food & Drinks

28.08.20        Neighborhood Day          4 - 7 pm

                      Art education project for children

                        (old clothes recommended)

                      Open bar & crepes, cooling in the pool

29.08.20         Kunsthoch Luzern            11 am - 7 pm

                        Common day of action by art instituitions in 

                        and around Lucerne

                        Guided tour                       2 pm & 6 pm

                      Open bar with summerdrinks in the pool

26.09.20          Finissage                           6 pm


                         Food & Drinks

The exhibition „This is not a commercial / Life is one of the best“ is based on the research of a newly emerging phenomenon - the connection of rap music with contemporary art. The stepping-stone to its concept was the book "The Fine Art of Rap" written by Richard Shusterman and published by The Johns Hopkins University Press in 1991.


Which, as the name suggests, raises the question of crossing the boundaries between contemporary visual art and the art of the word in rap music. In a very sympathetic way, he connects the social structure, comments on political and economic events in the world and especially in the immediate vicinity, and returns to storytelling, a personal view of the world through artistic feeling. The art of word and image creation goes hand in hand with the formation of a new era of art.

What exactly is the style of that connection of these two words? Is it the formation of a new phenomenon in art that has still not achieved the highest appreciation in academia, so as to achieve its own name?

The exhibition "This is not a commercial / Life is one of the best" invites to the KALI Gallery the young contemporary art duo Amos and Veli from Zurich the first time in Central Switzerland. This artistic duo deals with issues and phenomenon of rap music and
contemporary art and tries to bring it on a level of academically recognized artistic styles. It is a demonstration that knows no boundaries between cultures, religions, between social classes and styles. This is exactly what characterizes the space of the gallery itself situated in the heart of the multicultural controversial zone on Baselstrasse in Lucerne. There are no boundaries, everyone lives together, and everyone respects each other, as it is the case in the musical texts and fine arts represented by Amos and Veli.

The main concept is to combine street art with art in a gallery environment and thus give it a higher goal in understanding and perceiving the commercial clichés that rap music and thus contemporary art associated with it brings in today's hectic times. The curatorial project will discuss how to combine rap music and fine art and point out the newly emerging artistic style. It is important to point out and try to describe what is being formed in such an intuitive way - the passage of rap music, trap beat and contemporary exhibition art and to be able to be a part of a new stage in history.

Veli & Amos live and work in Zürich (CH).

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