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Opening: 22.05.2021 | 5 pm

Guided Tour with the artist: 29.05.2021 | 7 pm

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Due to the current restrictions imposed by the BAG, no events can take place. The exhibition can be visited during the opening hours or by appointment under the relevant safety regulations.


Jason Rohr is a promising young artist, based on his reflection on the art world as a business model, and through the essence of his needs for creativity and the function of painting through the philosophical questions of our real existence, to understand. Rohr lives in the countryside near Zurich, but does not lose touch with the big city. He reflects himself in the contrasts of simple nature and applies new media.

Reflection on the creation and composition of the painting is often illustrated by the primary symbols that we know from the first children's drawings: Sun, flower, figure, house, dog, etc. But the house here is the temple of consumption, for example, the Burger King Filliale, Coke ZERO or luminous plastic flowers of Jeff Koons, which have nothing to do with a real flower, but with a generated computer rander, a self-portrait of the artist cut by a signal green laser, or generated by a 3D scanner . Jason Rohr works very sensitively with the technique of hyper-realistic painting; airbrushing, digital collage and contrasts with an intuitive, relaxed line of automatic drawing and performance. He is one of the unique examples of an artist who combines two different and opposite worlds of painting, both the technique and by thinking not only about a composition, but also about the way of painting in an economic way.

These are the elements that are carried in Jason Rohr's first solo exhibition "Second Sun". An exhibition that gives us an open door to the boundaries of the real and virtual world, between which there is only a thin line. The artist lets us imagine the possibility of another world, a world somewhere in virtual reality or somewhere on another planet. It is another dimension of thinking about the ascents between things -things that have a different order and hierarchy, but which are represented in the classical image format. In the first part of the exhibition the artist introduces himself to us. The self-portraits from the Second Sun show us how the artist sees himself or how he wants to be understood. His immediate environment and consumer life - like an image of a woman smoking, swallowed by a cigarette, or an image of bright dancing flowers generated by a 3D program, sun symbols, still life themes, or an affectionate jumping dolphin that reminds us of the 1990s.

Jason Rohr's work is full of sensitivity and romantic pop art spirit. His painting is steeped in the contemporary subculture influenced fashion scene and exhibits a distinctive style. His exhibition will be combined with an electronic music performance and a discussion with the author, as the intergenerational exchange with the artist and the audience will be very important.