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KALI GALLERY is a platform for contemporary art and was founded in spring 2018 by Nicolai Kalinowsky (D) in Lucerne (CH). The name is derived from the surname and is a dedication to his deceased father, who marked his entry into the art world. 


Even after extensive renovations, the premises of the former locksmith's shop have retained their character and charisma and have thus become a unique exhibition space. The exhibition space is nearby, attached to the lively Baselstrasse. It is known for its nightlife, for nations from different cultures and is considered a playground for cultural life.


KALI GALLERY offers a platform for contemporary art and represents emerging and established international and national artists who mainly belong to the younger generation. The focus is on exhibitions that are shaped by room-specific installations. The media spectrum includes painting, sculptures, drawings, room-specific installations as well as audio and video installations.

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