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The works of Shannon Zwicker (*1992, lives and works in Zurich and Lucerne) tell of sensuality and touch. The artist deals with current debates about body normativity, gender, pop culture, and feminism, and in her visual language she tests alternative forms of the representability of bodies. Questions about the visibility and representation of precisely those bodies that do not conform to common ideals play an essential role. In addition to the forms and colors used, the titles of the works, which often refer to emotional states (Daydreaming) or specifically to the body (Tickeling tongue), provide clues for reading Zwicker's works in this direction. They underscore Zwicker's lustful approach to painting and drawing.


For the exhibition "At night I tell myself the sweetest stories," Zwicker has assembled a selection of watercolors that are works and studies in equal measure. They serve her as a field of experimentation and as a resting place from which the artist draws security for her work, which, in addition to the small-format watercolors, also includes large-format works. While a certain distance is involved in the creation of the large paintings - as the artist physically steps back from the canvas - proximity and intimacy play an important role in the watercolors.


Shannon Zwicker (*1992) grew up in Igis (GR), she studied Art & Mediation at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts, in 2013 she spent a semester at the Bremen University of the Arts in the painting class. In 2022 Shannon Zwicker finished her studies in the Master Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts.

She has been represented nationally in various group exhibitions including the Bündner Kunstmuseum, Jung Kunst in Winterthur & Atelier Herrmann Haller in Zurich. In spring 2019, Shannon Zwicker spent a three-month studio residency in Genoa, by the city of Lucerne.