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KALI LAB is a collaboration between KALI Gallery and the fashion store Paranoia, that offers young artists an innovative exhibition space for contemporary art. The aim is to reflect dynamic contexts, from art and society, while addressing the viewer in an exceptional exhibition situation. 


KALI LAB is located since 2021 at Paranoia Store

Löwengraben 2, 6004 Lucerne

KALI_LAB_Poster_florian maritz.jpg

The young Uri artist Florian Maritz (*1996) shows his latest series of paintings and sculptures in "Haustier". 


Dummies lie next to building blocks, cuddly toys, used napkins and old socks. Tomato sauce is boiling, yesterday's dishes are piled up. Haustier deals with the connection between care work and art. The exhibition brings everyday disorder into an art context and shows the sculptural quality of objects left lying around by chance. By enlarging them and transferring materials, they become sculptures in their own right.


The living room paintings were created during housework, whenever there was time to continue painting. They are abstract color fields and layers. They play formally with abstract expressionism, but have a less intellectual background, they come directly from everyday life.


Florian Maritz completed his Bachelor of Art and Mediation at the HSLU Lucerne in 2020 and has since been represented in group and solo exhibitions, such as Sic!Elephanthouse Lucerne (2021), Espace Libre Biel (2021) and the Haus für Kunst in Uri (2020/21/22).


Maritz lives and works in Altdorf in the canton of Uri (CH).

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