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KALI LAB is a collaboration between KALI Gallery and the fashion store Paranoia, that offers young artists an innovative exhibition space for contemporary art. The aim is to reflect dynamic contexts, from art and society, while addressing the viewer in an exceptional exhibition situation. 


KALI LAB is located since 2021 at Paranoia Store

Löwengraben 2, 6004 Lucerne


The young Swiss artist and aspiring textile designer Giulio Gallana (*1999) shows in “New Normal" his latest series of digital prints on paper and aluminium. 

His working method is characterised by a ping-pong of digital and physical techniques. He is interested in how the two worlds interact and influence each other.

The translation of the textile into a texture transforms the haptic experience of the fabric into a visual surface with simulated three-dimensionality. In the digital world, a texture consists of several layers, one of which is the so-called “normal map”. By using a “normal map”, the computer understands where light and shadow should be simulated on the texture. Giulio Gallana brings the “normal map” back into the physical world, where it functions again as an independent surface. 

Gallana is currently in his 6th semester of textile design at the HSLU D&K (Lucerne / CH). The connection between the physical and the digital is a central motif in his work.

Giulio Gallana lives and works in Lucerne (CH).

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