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03/20 -


The already second solo presentation of the young Munich artist Judith Grassl (*1985 D) in the KALI Gallery, is dedicated to the latest series of works that depict subtle figurative worlds and form collages in acrylic on canvas.


The title of the exhibition “Schöne Mutanten” (Beautiful Mutants) is inspired by the book of the same name by Deborah Levy and focuses on the starting point of Grassl's creative process: the collage. It offers the contrast between the alienating mutation through the newly assembled fragments of already seen images and combines art historical references, the symbolic character of various objects, as well as the overlapping of different painterly perspectives.


The influence of these images on today's role models is thus thematically taken up and deals with the urtopoi of femininity, glorification, or mystification in the art historical context and creates the contemporary discourse.


Both the composition finding, with the cast shadows and superimpositions, as well as different worlds or perspectives in the image arise from her work with collage. Through this, Grassl creates the superimposition of different time levels and light conditions on the canvas.


The creations establish communication through the intuitive and associative thinking of the viewer and guide it skillfully. Her work focuses on the classical format of the painting and beyond, composing scenes and building spaces. 

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