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* 1974, Saint-Imier, JU (CH)

The Swiss artist Bastien Aubry (* 1974, Saint-Imier, Ju) transforms the absurdities of everyday life into abstractions and stages them in their own world.

Aubry completed his training at the Hochschule der Künste in Bern and Biel, and has since exhibited in New York, Melbourne, Bern, Basel and Zurich and is represented in numerous collections. In addition, Aubry has worked as a respected lecturer at various art schools in Switzerland and abroad for many years.

Bastien Aubry started his artistic career in 2010 with Dimitri Broquard. As the artist duo Aubry / Broquard, mainly ceramics were realized. Since 2017 Aubry has continued his artistic practice as a solo artist.

With irony, he combines craftsmanship, design and pop culture. His creations celebrate the poetry of failure and the beauty of the imperfect.

The artist finds his inspiration in the direct environment and projects the social forms in his works in which he likes to experiment and research with different materials.

Grocery stores, restaurants and allotments provide the basis for his creative work. He expresses this in addition to contemporary painting, combined with collages and printing, especially with sculptural objects and room-specific installations.

Bastien Aubry lives and works in Zurich (CH)

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