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*  1987 (Haguenau / Fr)


David Weishaar is a contemporary figurative painter who focuses on the medium of oil painting and the study of the human body in space, its encounters, its environment, but also its strong social commitment to the LGBT movement. 


His work is focused on a certain intimacy and closeness in figurative art. Weishaar sees painting as a mediator between the viewer and himself, through which experiences become tangible and experiential. The figures depicted in the paintings are first and foremost friends of the artist, he wants to tell in his works about real events and real people. His compositions are ethereal and realistic, his bodies and faces idealized and symbolize the timelessness of his works. He uses very subtle and sparse color tones, which almost disappear from the canvas and merge with the cream, clear and contrasting black background of the painting.


The finalist of the Swiss Art Awards 2020, after his master's degree in performing arts at ECAL in Lausanne, has realized numerous exhibitions in France and Switzerland and is presented for the first time in a solo exhibition in the German-speaking world at KALI Gallery.


David Weishaar lives and works in Lausanne (CH).

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