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12/3/22 -

Johannes Bosisio (*1994 TN)

Mattania Bösiger (*1991 CH)

Simone Filippo (*1996 IT)

Maksim Klopfstein (*2000 CH)

Jason Rohr (*1999 CH)

Jakub Tytykalo (*1984 CZ)

1_Installation view_DetoxRetox22.jpg

The group exhibition DETOX RETOX is dedicated to contemporary painting and, as the title suggests, addresses contrasts and the rapid upheaval of realities. KALI Gallery presents Johannes Bosisio , Mattania Bösiger, Simone Filippo, Maksim Klopfstein, Jason Rohr and Jakub Tytykalo.


DETOX RETOX is a play on words, which on the one hand speaks of a strong change in our consciousness and body due to the action of substances, and on the other hand of a completely natural state.

The same is true for art, when not only the artist but also the viewer reaches certain limits and overcomes himself to create the most subtle connection.


7_Installation view_DetoxRetox22._edited.jpg

DETOX RETOX reflects the current fast-paced times and is a reflection of extreme advances, reversals and breakdowns.  Subcultural styles mix with traditional art. Art gets into different directions when it is poisoned by fast time and tries to detoxify itself through self-reflection. The radical ups and downs between perception and play in reading and creating art is closely related to its visual form.

18_Installation view_DetoxRetox22..jpg

The installation for the exhibition DETOX RETOX presents a selection of artworks that deal with the issue of contrast and the distortion of relationality. What is real at first glance can be pure fiction, and what is fiction can simply be reality, which sometimes has a more humorous dimension. Render reality is spread here in seemingly flat painting and is a parody of reality.

14_Installation view_DetoxRetox22._edited.jpg

The ironic perception and distorted reading of reality is important to the curator duo Marketa Jachimova and Nicolai Kalinowsky, and they try to discuss and bring their installation closer to the viewer through the space-based installation.The exhibition is like a walk through a fitness center, focusing on the construction of one's own body, on the physical ability to overcome oneself and go to the extreme - based on the sweat and willpower one expends. 

Fitness equipment has a distinct physiology and aesthetic that at first glance seems incompatible with exhibition art. What will our bodies look like and how healthy will our minds be? We can be carried away by the beauty of muscles and the strength of the human body, but what can bring about a certain intoxication of the mind?

Maksim Klopfstein
Mattania Bösiger
Simone Filippo
Jason Rohr
Jakub Tytykalo

The Artist Maksim Klopfstein (*2000 CH) likes to transform herself into fantastic characters in her painting and plays with the idea of what kind of render avatar she could use as a stand-in for her role in the painting. She works in the medium of oil painting and her colors and characters reference forest scenes, poisonous goblins and gothic buildings. An important role in painting for her is the color palette, which is earthy and mechanical.

She lives and works in Lucerne (CH).


Jakub Tytykalo (*1984 CZ) focuses on abstract, figurative paintings that consist of dynamic lines and seem to float or reflect on the surface of water. His stylization of the motifs is distinctive and makes us feel like we are floating in dissolved dreams. Tytykalo's combination of painting with acrylic paint and spray inventively combines classical figurative painting with the lightness of abstraction. He lives and works in Prague (CZ).


Jason Rohr (*1999 CH) focuses besides painting, also on video art and 3D installations with conceptual overlaps. In his artistic work Jason Rohr often uses forms of romantic poetry and classical tragedy with visual content of digital and consumer culture. He uses different techniques and visual content to stimulate metaphysical desire and its critique. He lives and works in Zurich (CH).


Simone Filippo (*1996 IT) transcends in his artistic work the painting and its base, which is anchored in the post-internet work. He is influenced and inspired by well-known computer characters such as manga and Asian cartoon characters. They are the kind of idealized figures that represent the artist's contemporary reality. His unique signature is to take what is already stylized, develop it and decompose it. He lives and works in Neuchatel (CH).


Mattania Bösiger (*1991 CH) focuses in his painting to capture diffuse overlaps in images, creating mental spaces and the associated atmospheres and perceptions. Elements are often chosen in such a way that rudiments of actions in space can be guessed at. Among other things, he deals with spatiality, which is extended to the digital level. What is the relationship between the two realities?  He lives and works in Basel (CH).


Johannes Bosisio (*1994 TN) processes the relationships between man and machine. He explores the transgressions of dualism, such as the separation of figure and ground, body and spirit, matter and immatter, organic and inorganic, animals and machines. Thus he fuses binary forms to create hybrids. In his work, the automobile, especially body scrap, stands as an allegory for the connections between people, technology, culture, politics, and economics. He lives and works in London (UK).

Johannes Bosisio
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