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* 1984, Břeclav (CZ)

In his artistic work, the Czech artist Jakub Tytykalo follows his inspiration from classical modernism and skilfully complements it with contemporary elements, which are enhanced by a variety of techniques.

Tytykalo is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and studied graphics with Jiří Lindovský, drawing with Jiří Petrbok, and sculpture with Jaroslav Róna. After studying abroad for a year in the painting studio of the University of Madrid, Jakub Tytykalo has been working as a freelance since then.

Fragmentary creatures, still lifes, landscapes and, more recently, urban scenes will be reminiscent of Cubism with their composition and reduced color gamut. In contrast to the Cubist emphasis on the act of seeing and the problem of representation, however, Tytykalo turns to the imagination: models matter in paintings mainly with an emphasis on imaginative potential.

Tytykalo's combination of painting with acrylic paint and spray combines inventive classic figurative painting with the lightness and exaggeration of street art and abstraction.

Jakub Tytykalo lives and works in Prague (CZ).

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