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*  1999 (Hausen AG/CH)

In his works, the young painter Jason Rohr examines the inadequacies of symbolic, linguistic and performative representation in order to achieve a unity of thought and matter.

After studying physics for a year at the ETH Zurich, Rohr has been attending the ZHDK in Zurich since 2019 and graduated 2022 with Bachelor in Fine Arts.

In his artistic work, Jason Rohr often uses forms of romantic poetry and classical tragedy with visual content from digital and consumer culture. In his work, he references art history more than color or texture than to confirm or reveal them. His work deals with the real effect that simulacra have on physical entities.

He uses different techniques and visual content to stimulate metaphysical desire and its criticism. A desire that is generated by the artistic effort to break away from the anthropocentric worldview, as well as by the humanistic attempt to create a separate, individual and consciously self-governing human being.

Jason Rohr thinks about how such a desire increases and opens the demand for technology, progress, omniscience and immortality.

Jason Rohr lives and works in Zurich (CH).

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