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*  1985 (Bad Reichenhall / GER)

The German artist Judith Grassl balances between sharpness and ambiguity in her artistic work. In her paintings she creates a new reality that seems like distant scraps of memory, difficult to grasp but familiar.

Grassl completed her training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (2008 - 2016), followed by various artist residencies in Europe, such as Linz (A) and Pomorle (BRG).

In her painting, Judith Grassl moves between virtual and physical space and, in the meantime, examines the various aggregate states of the visual material. Usually empty rooms are transformed into stages on which different image fragments meet - similar to props left behind on a film set.

The creation process of her painting is close to the principle of the collage, whereby several levels are created in the picture, which mutually break and come together again. The principle of collage makes it possible to create a multitude of dimensions in the pictures, to parallelize different perspectives and to create a new connection between the levels.

Judith Grassl lives and works in Munich (D).

Portrait_Judith Grassl_akt.jpg
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