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* 1982 Schopfheim (D)          


Štěpán Čapek works in particular with the classic techniques of sculpture, such as modeling, molding and casting. Despite his classic training and the craft he has learned, he is not averse to modern techniques. He likes to experiment with new materials in the production of his sculptures. The main focus of his current activity is figural sculpture.

During his training at the Arts and Crafts School of Fine Arts in Česky Krumlov (CZ) (Střední uměleckoprůmyslová škola sv. Anežky, Český Krumlov) and subsequently his studies in the sculpture studio at the University of Arts in Prague (CZ) (Vysoká škola umělecko-průmyslová v Praze) under the direction of Prof. Kurt Gebauer, he mainly dealt with the subject of hair and hairstyle.

He is fascinated and inspired by braids, buns and different hair structures, different epochs and cultures. In his sculptures he tries to reflect them and to reflect his sense of structural sense of form in them. Eroticism and dominance play a major role for the artist.

Štěpán Čapek lives and works in Freiburg (D)

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