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* 1992 Bern (BE/CH)  


Sebastian Haas uses oil  and spray paint to produce reverse glass paintings of reduced color and emphasizes that he deliberately uses the chosen materials .

The glass surface levels the different paint applications and the paintings attract you with their reflective surface. The image compositions are courageous. At first glance it appears abstract, but if you take a longer look you recognize in the black, gray and white surfaces, architectural elements, to recognize figure-like forms or seemingly organic structures.

Sebastian Haas is interested in this ambivalence between Abstraction and Figuration. He wants to explore the reduced representation and force those tipping moments in which the viewer suddenly begins to see concrete things. He's interested

Artist especially for stage-like spaces, which he participates in

created a horizon line visible in all paintings.

Its gleaming appearance is reminiscent of the reflective screen

of the smartphone - note the technical device that is in the present more and more between us and the world pushes and the appropriation of Landscapes and spaces determined.

Sebastian Haas lives and works in Bern (CH).

Sebastian Haas @KALI Gallery.jpg
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